Welcome to Mara Whenua Apple Trees!

Thank you for your interest in these organically grown apple trees. Our aim for this small business is to provide a diversity of apple cultivars, primarily heritage varieties, on vigorous rootstock for home orchards. In this way future generations may enjoy their many unique qualities and heritage apples can grow alongside some of the best modern varieties.

This year we have a wide range of sturdy two year old trees. Over 17 years of trading we have found that trees of this size will cope better with adverse site and weather conditions. And of course they will absolutely thrive with good aftercare! One year maidens will be provided if requested or when two year old stock has sold out.

As we have over 60 varieties we often only propagate small quantities of each. The following stock list includes descriptions of varieties available for 2016.  If you choose a variety that has sold out, we will contact you or you can list alternative choices on your order form. We can also choose suitable replacements for you. Please contact us if you are interested in multiple or commercial quantities of any variety for future seasons. Other rootstock can be arranged for this purpose.

The majority of our apples are available grafted onto both Northern Spy and 793 rootstock. Please indicate your preference on the order form.

Northern Spy rootstock produces a vigorous medium-sized tree (up to 5-6m in 15 years). This rootstock is disease-resistant, drought-tolerant and suitable for poor or waterlogged soils. These qualities make it perfect choice if you wish to make use of more marginal sites. The trees we have on this stock have proved themselves by fruiting well, even on clay ridges with no irrigation, and are not showing significant signs of stress. On poor soils and in waterlogged areas the trees will naturally be smaller, so can be planted closer. Trees on Northern Spy can also be espaliered  or pruned hard to limit their size.

Trees on 793 rootstock will tend to be less tolerant of heavy soils, but are better for replanting areas and are somewhat quicker to bear fruit than Northern Spy. They can grow larger than those on Spy in good conditions.

Our grafting wood is all sourced from organic, bio-dynamic or wild/old orchards and our trees are grown using organic methods. Every effort has been made to source bud wood from healthy parents of known provenance. However if you wish to propagate from our trees please ensure that they fruit true-to-label, as no 100% guarantee can be implied.

 Single trees are $28 each or $25 each for 6 or more

(GST inclusive; plus freight).

Trees are delivered in July and August (bare-rooted and well wrapped), and can be freighted anywhere in NZ at reasonable cost. Please see order form.